Junior Guest Green Fees

                   Green Fees          Cart Fees          Total
9 holes:          $8.00                  $6.00               $14.00
18 holes:        $15.00                $10.00             $25.00

Junior Golfers are encouraged to walk
Junior Golfers age 15 and younger wishing to RIDE with a golfer age 16+ may pay reduced cart fees listed above
Junior Golfers age 16+ may pay regular cart fees.

Guest Green Fees:
Weekday Rates:

                      Green Fees          Cart Fees          Total
9 holes:             $14.00                  $8.00               $22.00
18 holes:           $26.00                  $14.00             $40.00

Weekend Rates:

                      Green Fees          Cart Fees          Total
9 holes:             $16.00                  $8.00               $24.00
18 holes:           $30.00                  $14.00             $44.00

Beechwood Country Club is a semi-private club, open to members and guests 7 days a week. We can cater to a number of interests with the many amenities we have to offer. A newly redesigned 18 hole course and a brand new driving range, short game practice facility, champion Bermuda greens, lockers, and USGA handicap service make Beechwood the perfect place to begin or improve your golf game.